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the Conference Proceedings

5 Volume DMA 2017 Conference Proceedings available for a download.
(each paper is referenced with a DOI number. However, note that the DOIs will be work as intended in September 2017. The DMA 2017 conference proceeding will be also deposed with the Design Society and the Design Research Society)

The set of volumes have the following serial reference number: ISSN 2514-8419 (Online)

The each Volume has been allocated its specific ISBN:
ISBN 978-1-912294-11-4 (Volume 1)
ISBN 978-1-912294-12-1 (Volume 2)
ISBN 978-1-912294-13-8 (Volume 3)
ISBN 978-1-912294-14-5 (Volume 4)
ISBN 978-1-912294-15-2 (Volume 5)

following APA the preferred reference style for your paper:

Author, X., Author, Y. (2017). Paper Title. In E. Bohemia, C. de Bont, & L. S. Holm (Eds.), Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy (Vol. X, pp. xxx–xxx). London: Design Management Academy. doi: 10.21606/dma.2017.XX

Volume 1 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 1 PDF 8.69MB

Volume 2 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 2 PDF 6.28MB

Volume 3 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 3 PDF 9.07MB

Volume 4 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 4 PDF 8.66MB

Volume 5 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 5 PDF 6.69MB

Day 3 Conference Keynote Address:

Cuts and Bruises from Corporate Trenches

Richard Kelly is part of Fung (1937) Management and is focused on new value creation and building innovation across the group.

Most recently, Richard was the Managing Director of IDEO Asia Pacific. Based in Shanghai, his role was to lead clients to realise new opportunities and build innovation capabilities through design. Clients included Coke, Samsung, TCL, VF Corp, Singapore government. Before moving to Shanghai, Richard joined IDEO London in 2006, and was responsible for the service practice and leading clients including, Nestlé, T-Mobile, IKEA, and Alpargatas.

Before joining IDEO, Richard was at Levi’s Strauss & Company for 9 yrs and ran his own brand consulting business in London and San Francisco.

Richard speaks and comments regularly on innovation and design issues and has spoken at WEF, China Entrepreneur Summit, BOAO Asia Forum and CleanTech Forum in China, Skoll World Forum and appeared in China Entrepreneur magazine, Business Watch, 21St Century Business Review and on

His keynote is titled Cuts and Bruises from corporate trenches of adopting Design Thinking

Design Thinking and its approach to innovation are now widespread across asia and the rest of the world. Its mindset, methods and tools have had a chance to be adopted and adapted by corporations, start ups and government alike. Drawing from more than 15years of application, Richard will share some stories and real world examples that may give us insight into how the approach is changing, how design’s role in exponential world and how design itself is changing.  He will draw from the journey of IDEO, an international design and innovation firm, for which he worked for 8 years first as a practice director of the consumer experience in London and then as a managing director of Asia Pacific. He will then expand on some these ideas with the Fung Group, a Hong Kong-based multinational that incorporates subsidiaries in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing, where for three years now already he serves as an innovation catalyst.


Preliminary Conference Programme

The DMA 2017 international conference preliminary programme is now available via this link (last updated on 20 April 2017)

Day 2 Conference Keynote Address:

Beyond Better Solutions

photo of Jean Liedtka one of the keynotes for the Design Management Academy 2017 international conference

Jeanne Liedtka is a Professor of Business at the Darden Graduate School of Management at the University of Virginia. Formerly the Associate Dean of the MBA at Darden and Chief Learning Officer for United Technologies, Jeanne’s research focuses on the intersection of innovation and strategy, in particular the integration of design thinking into organizational problem solving processes.  Jeanne has taught design thinking to thousands of managers, both in person at Darden and through her on-line coursework, and authored numerous number of books including The Catalyst, Designing for Growth: A design thinking tool kit for managers, and Solving Business Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works. Her forthcoming book, Designing for the Greater Good, translates her work to the social sector

Her keynote is titled Beyond Better Solutions: Design Thinking as a Social Technology for Convening Conversation for Change

Though formal academic research relating design thinking to organizational performance is in its infancy, anecdotal data from practitioners abounds concerning its ability to improve outcomes when innovation is the goal (Berger, 2009; Brown, 2009; Fraser, 2012; Kelley & Littman, 2005; Liedtka & Ogilvy, 2011; Martin, 2009).  In these accounts, the value delivered by design thinking is almost always seen to be improvements in the creativity and usefulness of the solutions produced. This paper takes a broader view of the potential power of design thinking, highlighting its role as a social technology for enhancing the productivity of conversations for change across difference. Examined through this lens, design thinking can be observed to aid diverse sets of stakeholders’ abilities to work together to both produce higher order, more innovative solutions and to implement them more successfully. In this way, it acts as a facilitator of the processes of collectives, by enhancing their ability to learn, align and change together. This paper draws on both the author’s extensive field research on the use of design thinking in social sector organizations, as well as on the literature of complex social systems, to discuss implications for both practitioners and scholars interested in assessing the impact of design thinking on organizational performance.

To register for the DMA 2017 conference

Professor Jeanne Liedtka’s DMA 2017 conference bursaries for emerging researchers due on 20 March 2017

Up to four Professor Jeanne Liedtka’s conference bursaries for emerging researchers are available for emerging researchers who are planning to present papers at the upcoming Design Management Academy 2017 international conference hosted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University between 7 and 9 June 2017.

Each bursary will cover the conference fees (up to HK$4600 each).

Researchers may be eligible to apply if they are either a member of the Design Society or the Design Research Society and are currently undertaking a full time PhD or have completed a PhD within five years.

They will need to submit a full research paper by or before 30 January 2017 and the paper will need to be accepted for a presentation at the DMA 2017 conference.

The potential applicants should email the following information:

  • Your tile and name
  • Paper submission number and its title
  • Indication whether you are correctly a PhD student or have completed a PhD (if you have completed a PhD then state the year when you have completed it)
  • Outline in less than 300 words why you are applying for the bursary

to by Wednesday 22 March 2017 with a subject line: Your Name: Jeanne Liedtka’s DMA 2017 conference bursaries


Design Management Academy | 2017 Hong Kong

Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections

Hosted by | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Conference dates | June 7–9th, 2017 Hong Kong

Full Papers submissions are due on Monday 30 January 2017

The Design Management Academy’s international research conference will be hosted by the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The DMA International Research Conference is organised under the auspices of the Design Society’s Design Management Special Interest Group (DeMSIG) and Design Research Society’s Design Innovation Management Special Interest Group (DIMSIG) in collaboration with: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Loughborough University, Tsinghua University, University of Strathclyde and Delft University of Technology.

The theme of the conference | Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections

Design is becoming more strategic, both in the private and in the public sector. There is a wider range of interfacing activities with internal and external clients and collaborators than before and there is also a wider spread of disciplines to productively interact with. New methods and technologies for collaboration and interfacing have come up. China has been the centre of manufacturing for quite some years. Now it has become a leader in the development of Internet services and the most important market in the world in many categories. In this new landscape, the roles and responsibilities of designers are changing dramatically, both in Asia and in the rest of the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to the DMA Conference in Hong Kong!

Select either Call for Papers;  Call for Workshop or Call for for PhD Seminar Abstracts submission instructions.

Conference logistics (updated on 3 November 2016)

The conference will be held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Key dates can be found on the following link:

The conference fees are listed on the following link:

Please see this link for details on its venue:

We have been able to negotiate a discounted hotel accommodation that is listed on the following link:

For any questions please contact the conference organisers via this email address

* A number of Professor Jeanne Liedtka’s Early Researchers Awards will be announced later in January. These awards will provide holders with complementary conference passes.