Design Management Academy 2017 Hong Kong

Conference Venue

The City of Hong Kong

A stimulating city for developing cultural intelligence, Hong Kong is vibrant, international yet very safe. Given its very cosmopolitan outlook, its unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures, visitors from around the world can easily adapt to the new environment.  Its highly quoted “East-meets-West” culture is indeed a very visual term to describe the city – the breadth of race, beliefs, food, entertainment, and traditions encapsulated in this 4th most densely populated territory in the world becomes a treasure box for anyone good in finding inspiration from his or her surroundings.  With increasing socio-economic integration of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, an efficient cross-boundary transportation network enables a “1-hour living circle” that connects to the fast growing Pearl River Delta region. This region is the world’s most important manufacturing location that is also emerging as an R&D hub of ICT, automotive, steel and petrochemical industries.

The need to understand foreign cultures is perhaps stronger for designers than other professions.  Designers are in the heart of shaping everyday experience and culture through products, services and systems they define and realise. Creative yet convincing solutions often depend on designers’ ability to distil observations and to find patterns that emerged from an in-depth understanding of people. Designers from overseas who travel to, work, or study in Hong Kong – a dynamic city of high-speed and density that enjoys freedom of information – will become sensitised quickly to the psychology, behaviour, culture, and heritage of Asia. English, along with Chinese, are the official languages of Hong Kong.

Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The conference will be held at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, designed by renowned British architect Zaha Hadid. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the DMA Conference in Hong Kong!

Things to do @ Hong Kong

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About PMQ | Creative Landmark

PMQ – Creativity at a New Address

Before revitalisation, PMQ was built in 1951 as the Police Married Quarters. In November 2010, the HKSAR Government announced the plan to preserve the site for creative industries uses.

The operating right was awarded to PMQ Management Co, Ltd, a non-profit-making social enterprise set up by the Musketeers Education and Culture Charitable Foundation Ltd., in collaboration with the Hong Kong Design Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Hong Kong Design Institute of the Vocational Training Council.

We strive to:
  • establish PMQ as an ICON of Hong Kong creative industries that shines in the region;
  • showcase HK’s high quality brands and build success in the international market; and
  • elevate the appreciation of the value created by design and innovation

PMQ major task is to transform a historical compound and develop it into a unique hub of broad appeal to serve the evolving creative industries. To do this, we champion Enterprising Creativity (turning Creativity to Business) and nurture local create-preneurs and designers. Moreover, we promote appreciation of creativity to the community.

PMQ heritage guided tour: