Important dates                      

Workshops proposals deadline | Monday 25 February 2019 (EXTENDED!)

Notification to workshop organiser(s) with feedback from committee | Monday 25 March 2019

Accepted Workshop outline description | Tuesday 18 April 2019

Final Workshop outline deadline  |  Monday 29 April 2019

Registration of workshop organiser(s) | Tuesday 14 May 2019

Workshops will take place | 19–21 June 2019

Deadline for workshop reports | Monday 29 August 2019

The ADIM conference 2019 will be hosted in London


If you have any questions regarding the workshops, please contact David Hands:

Workshop Review Process Outcome

We have received 32 Workshop submissions. Most Workshop outline were reviewed by two people, though some had three or even four reviewers. We accepted 19 Workshop proposals (59%), and we rejected 13 papers (41%).

In making final decisions about papers the Review Committee first looked at all Workshop outlines where the difference of opinion between reviewers was significant, moderating scores if necessary. We then discussed all Workshop outlines that were just under the general level of acceptance to determine outcomes, before finally looking at any exceptions.


We have updated the ADIM Workshop outline template which now includes fields to include authors names and their affiliations. Note that papers will be published under a Creative Commons licence. In most cases this should be a simple ‘cut and paste’ between Word documents. You will need to add author details to your paper and identify any previously anonymised material.


Please ensure that you meet all paper formatting requirements given in the paper template. This includes figure, table, and reference styles.


ADIM 2019 Workshops Template for author(s) from a single organisation Download the paper template 


ADIM 2019 Workshops Template for authors from multiple organisations Download the paper template

You will need to make 2 final uploads:


1. A Word version of your paper

2. A PDF version of your paper

The workshop outlines will be published in the workshop electronic proceedings and made freely accessible via the ADIM online platform. The conference organisers are committed to producing workshop proceedings consistent to a professional and a high set of quality standards. We are thankful for your help by carefully following the instructions outlined within this guide.

This instruction uses the same formatting as required for the Conference. This is a paragraph, formatted using style named ‘X Paragraph’. They are all indented. Write directly into the template. Alternatively, place your finished text into it: Copy and paste by choosing ‘match destination formatting’. Do not change the predefined formatting settings in this document (such as paper size, orientation, margins, typeface, size, indents, spacing, headings, etc.). Please use the predefined formatting styles instead of applying your individual settings.

Following your workshop session at ADIM, you are requested to provide a written 1000 word summary of your workshop articulating key findings and insights arising from the session. The summary will also feature a series of images and photographs taken during the session that feature key activities within the workshop. Deadline for submission will be Monday 12 August 2019.


You are encouraged to include graphics within your document. Please use the following headings to describe your workshop:

  • Workshop purpose and aims
  • Theoretical relationship
  • Workshop approach
  • Takeaways for the participants
  • Results and final reflections for consideration

Call for Workshop Proposals

The ADIM conference invites proposals for workshops that will engage and reflect upon the conference theme “Research Perspectives In the era of Transformations”. The aim of the workshops is to create a physical platform to create, knit, and foster collaboration through experimentation at the intersection between research in academia and research undertaken in industry. The workshops will be unique opportunities to explore the roles and responsibilities of design research within both academia and the creative industry, challenging the intersections between the two and crossing disciplinary boundaries.


The workshops should emerge as interactive platforms where participation through collaboration is key to framing the activities and outcomes of the sessions. We welcome creative, co-creative and imaginative formats for facilitating the interactions between participants. The proposals should come from both diverse actors in private and public sectors, and attract a wide audience to question how to manage design and innovation and focus on how design, management and research intersect in today’s changing landscape.


We invite both researchers and practitioners, to facilitate workshops. The workshops are an opportunity to explore new and emerging research topics, facilitate debates, gather data and test on-going research. Practitioners can benefit from opportunities to highlight their work, seed projects in collaboration with design researchers, and/or gather insights on their relevant issues.


Workshops will run in parallel to the paper sessions throughout the full 3 days of the conference (19–21 June 2019) and each workshop block will be 90 minutes.


Submission Date & Criteria

Please submit your workshop proposal as by Monday 25 February 2019 via the conference management system as a plain text file (up to 800 words) plus as PDF (using Workshop Outline Template) and cover the following points:

–    Workshop title;

–    Specific workshop aim(s);

–    Workshop outline that clearly describes how you envision to run the workshop activities;

–    The proposed format and schedule for the dedicated 90 minutes of running the workshop;

–    The outcomes of the workshop;

–    The minimum and maximum number of participants;

–    How the workshop might benefit the participants;

–     How the workshop is relevant to the general aim of the workshops.

–    Proposals will be selected based on additional criteria: clarity, experimentation with new formats of workshops and relevance to the conference theme.

You will need to download the word document ADIM 2019 Workshop Outline Template which will allow you to incorporate visual material in your workshop outline and upload it as PDF. Download the Workshop Outline Template to use for the initial submission:


Submitting the accepted Final Version of your Workshop Outline

You will be able to upload your workshop outline document by login onto the online conference management system by Tuesday 16 April 2019 or earlier. Please upload it saved as a PDF version – this file will be made available on the conference online programme prior to the conference (an example of the 2017 conference programme is available on this link


N.B. All workshop organisers will be asked to provide resulting workshop reports summarising the general issues, topics, debates, slides and/or photographs. This submission will be made as a Word document version of your workshop outline – this file will be used to assemble the book of workshop outlines. These summaries of the workshops will be included in the post conference Book of Workshops that will be edited by the international Workshop organising committee.